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  1. BOOK 4 of the Chef Explorer Series : A TASTE OF EUROPE

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Book 3 of the Chef Explorer Series

JUNE 2018



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JUNE 2018

Book 3: 'A Taste of the World Cup 2018' is now available tp purchase in Full colour as as hard copy for $35 & P/P

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The Chef-Explorer series of books is Brendan Murphy’s vision in which he combines his love of good real food, (only cooking with the freshest, natural and preferably local and seasonal ingredients), travel, culture and teaching. His aim is to entice families and especially children to join him and explore great food and culture themselves and get back around the table as a family should do, and discuss their findings. His first book in the series A Taste of the World was published in 2010.

This next book is an extension of that theme. With an added extra multi- dimensional ‘ingredient’ thrown in the pot; Football! In celebration of the greatest sporting event the world has ever seen, Brendan profiles all the 32 countries that have qualified to the 2014 competition, mainly as a Chef, then as a mad Football fan. His aim is to give you great recipes and menus to consume as you enjoy the Beautiful Game at its highest level. So come along and join him on this great culinary, cultural and football journey.

Brendan Murphy was born in Manchester, England, in 1960. He has worked in the Hospitality Industry since 1980 and qualified as a Chef in 1985. Brendan lived, travelled and worked extensively throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia during the 80s and 90s before settling in Western Australia with his family in 2002. He qualified as a Cookery and Hospitality Lecturer at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia in 1995. He now runs a business under which he caters as a Chef, or as a Chef-Lecturer teaching a variety of his own International Cookery Courses, which always includes an entertaining and cultural true story or two!

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“Someone should write a book about this crazy Industry!”

I have heard that exclamation many times over the last 30 years in which I have been employed as a Chef in the Hospitality Industry. And yes, a few books have been written, but not quite like this one! This is not a cookbook from a Celebrity Chef, but more of an exploration of what it’s really like to work in the Hospitality Industry, and especially as a Chef. Combine this with traveling and working all over the world as a Chef, Lecturer and Writer and somehow keeping nearly 30 years of diaries to research from!

The Hotel and Catering Industry worldwide is full of the same crazy characters that even the best imagination would be hard pressed to dream up! My Diaries are full of them, as well as true drama, humour and travelling that enthralled me over the years. From my College roots in Manchester, England, to the City of London, from the ski slopes of Switzerland and Germany to the Outback of Australia and from the Greek islands to the  Thai island of Phuket.  I have especially spent over a decade as a Chef in Australia from Sydney to The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and in Perth, Western Australia where I arrived in 1990, and finally settled in 2002.

Food and cookery is also about life and culture, and as a chef working around the World I have learnt more about different peoples and their culture than I ever could have at school and college!

And the best is still yet to be because as a cook you NEVER stop learning.

Many years ago as an older teenager living in a grim city struggling with massive unemployment rates, I was on the dole and uninspired. I decided to hitch-hike around Europe. Suddenly I got a ‘Taste of the World’, just a taste, but enough to inspire me so much, that I felt unstoppable in my quest to become a fully qualified Chef and travel the world. Thirty years later, I may have slowed down a bit, but I’m still travelling and still tasting!

This first book in a series is as it is titled, just a ‘Taste’ of the World and probably more of a Travel Book than a cookery lesson. However, the stories are all true and include authentic recipes and a brief cultural profile of each country that I either worked or travelled in.  My aim is to mix the essential ingredients of a

true Chef-y and Traveller story or cultural experience thrown in the pot with a dash of humour, to hopefully make it a richer experience for you, the reader, who is about to embark on a bit of Chef-Exploring of your own!

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The next book in the series is yet another ‘Taster’ and has a double helping of tasty ‘Starters!’ Firstly,  I describe why I became a Chef in the first place and how I was thrown in the deep-end, and secondly, most trainees may begin their actual cooking apprentice on ‘Starters’ anyway, so I will show you how to make a range of Starters from Europe. Really, I first started as a Trainee Cook in the City of Manchester, UK in 1981 where I worked in my first ever restaurant, but it was across the English channel to continental Europe that attracted my curiosity. So off I went, using my thumb and schoolboy French to Hitch Hike throughout 6 countries in 1980.

Returning to England my Taste Budd’s had changed somewhat. Not just for food, but I had permanently awakened a real hunger to travel and explore more culture! I worked at my first restaurant for 6 months until May 1982 before Backpacking around Europe with my best friends for a 4 month adventure, changing our lives forever! The UK of the 1980’s had become like a prison to a working class lad from Manchester who had just tasted the delights of Europe especially with the ‘Iron Lady’ grip of  Thatcher’s depressed Britain! The ultimate aim of the majority of the friends I knew then was to TRAVEL and ESCAPE the depression of the times, and some of us used the versatile Hospitality Industry to do just that!

We had discovered our own way out of our restricted homeland. Travelling through 12 countries and also working in kitchens on a Greek Island as well as in Germany, we had the time of our lives. However, our adventures were tainted somewhat by Britain’s ‘Falklands War’ which not only haunted us on our travels but killed one of our friends in the process.  This is all a true story and although the events digress from chef-ing into travel and drama, it is still part of the essence that is Chef-Explorer.

I later Returned to England, and attended College from 1983-1985 to become a fully qualified Chef, a book in itself! Then I set off back to Europe to live and work for most of the Eighties.

DUE TO BE RELEASED – in  2019:


This book is a MAIN COURSE in that it s goes into more detail when I attended College from 1983-1985 to become a fully qualified Chef meeting more characters there and working all around the City of Manchester, as well as for a Chef Agency cooking for the Army in the Isle of Mann and on the classic ‘Pontins’ resort in Devon before qualifying in the summer of 1985 and heading for the big city of London.

Everything British will be covered from travels in Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and Yorkshire to teaching in Manchester in the 1990’s and an incomparable experience as a Chef at my favourite football club, the mighty Manchester United in there historic Treble winning year of 1999!

Culminating with classic British Desserts in the 21st Century, before I moved ‘Down Under’ for good! Was it the weather? Don’t worry, I often go back to explore my rather green homelands of Britain and Ireland!

Next? 'Down Under' of course


In the mid eighties, my main destination was 'Down Under' where my original friends from the ’82 trip (Covered in ‘CHEF FOR STARTERS’) had already settled in Sydney, in 1987. We worked and travelled Australia from 1987 to 1989 and subsequently had the greatest adventure of our lives there. From spending Christmas 1986 in Gatwick Airport and BALI- Indonesia to arriving in Australia for A New Year and six months as an Agency Chef in the City of Sydney. Then a NSW-Queensland Trip in an old Holden Kingswood banger which rivaled ’82 in its audacity!

Finally arriving in  Tropical North Queensland to scuba dive The Great Barrier Reef and working deep in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest at a new resort called Crocodylus Village. Then I lived and worked in  Cairns for over a year in ‘87-88, gaining permanent residency before off again to Outback Australia and Melbourne  before heading off to travel in South East Asia (Another book!)

I returned  in the ‘90’s to the Wild West of Western Australia to live and work, before settling there with my yoing family in 2002.

*Also ‘Way to Go’ Travel magazine featured my travel article on my return to

‘Crocodylus Village’ with my family published in November 2009.