Well if you answered yes to all of those questions or even at least two, then you are on the right website!

Hi, my name is Brendan Murphy and I have been traveling and cooking my way around the world for around 30 years or so!

I am a qualified Chef, Commercial Cookery Teacher and Freelance Travel Writer. I am also an experienced Traveler and Author.

Ever since self publishing my first book, ‘A TASTE OF THE WORLD’, in 2009, I have continued to cater as a Chef, demonstrated the fine arts of cookery as a Chef-Lecturer and participated in lots of local cookery related events. I have also presented promotional talks and readings from my book at several venues around the city. At these events many people have asked,

“What ‘exactly’ is ‘The Chef-Explorer”?

Good question!

Really it is a combination of what I am, firstly as a Traveller and then as a Chef. I explored the world of culture as well as cuisine and being a prolific diary writer kept 30 years of Diaries and travel journals along the way!

I created the concept that is ‘The Chef-Explorer’ about 15 years ago as a business name in which I catered as a chef, taught as a lecturer or wrote cookery columns. Prior to that I had been teaching as a Chef-Lecturer in a variety of TAFE colleges in Western Australia and England and qualified as a TAFE (College) Lecturer at Curtin University in 1996. I have also worked as a Chef and Head Chef in England, Germany, Switzerland, Gibraltar, the Greek Islands and all around Australia.

After re-settling in Western Australia with my family, my writing developed further when I studied part time for the ‘Diploma of Travel Photojournalism’. Meanwhile, my regular local newspaper cookery columns developed into true short stories published by ‘The Swan Magazine’ and it was with them that ‘The Chef-Explorer’ seemed to take on a more definitive role.

From there I have since moved into Freelance Travel articles commencing with a Chef-Explorer inspired family holiday adventure based in Tropical North Queensland, which was  published in Australia’s ‘Way2Go’magazine.

During 2011 and into 2012, I continued to teach with a college in Perth, whilst writing my second Book. I also further developed my radio show “The Chef & Music Explorer Show” with my local community ‘Radio Ellenbrook 88FM’, including a new segment

“Chef-explorer does Every Country in the World!”

During 2013-2018 I have teamed up with the popular, dynamic and excellent Sophie Budd (who trained with the likes of Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver) and her ‘Taste Budds Cooking Studio’, where I l delivered ‘Taste of the World’ cooking courses for Adults and Children and during 2015-16 focused on a TASTE OF SPAIN & PORTUGAL after I Toured there as a Chef.

I have also joined forces for the next 2 years with ‘Mirrabooka Square shopping centre to present ‘A Taste of the World’ Cooking and Travel series. From ‘A Taste of Africa, to Europe and Asia.

I presented a series of Blogs, recipes and cookery demonstrations on their World Stage.

In 2013 I also attended FACET (Forum Advocating Cultural and Eco-Tourism) conference in Manjimup and became a member  of a Culinary/Tourism Network that should help me develop  ‘Chef-Explorer Tours’, a concept originally dreamed up with my local ‘Travel Manager’ Business in which I would act as a guide on a ‘Foodie’ adventure in a chosen holiday destination. The overall aim will be to educate the need to use local quality foods, reduce ‘Food Miles’, support local farmers and the environment as well as re-connect with the land! I attended the 'CULINARY TOURISM' Conference in Busselton, WA in 2018.

In a much broader International level, that will mean protecting local culture and indigenous food.

I am also continuing to present various Master Class presentations with the local Schools, with an emphasis again on re-engaging youth.

I  also  recorded a regular cookery segment on ‘The Couch’ TV series, (www.thecouch.com.au- ) on YouTube, which was also broadcast on Aurora TV-(Foxtel Australia &  NZ) These are now on my VIDEO & MEDIA page.

As a young lad growing up in the North of England I was fascinated by the world outside of where I lived, so as soon as I was old enough, I put on a back pack, joined forces with a couple of school mates and explored that nearest of continents; Europe. I did it on a shoestring but had a ball! The sense of adventure, the music, the scenery, and oh yes, the cuisine! What a huge variety of delicious foods! But what really enthralled me were the people and the way they lived their lives! Soon, I was back in England at Catering College training to be a Chef, but still working my way around my own country to again discover much great food and culture. I qualified as a Chef in 1985 and went off again on my travels, first back to Europe to work, then further a field to Asia and Australia.

All around the world people think, act, eat, dance, laugh, talk, dress….well, just live differently to me and you, and  I just love it!

And 30 years later after scribbling my observations in my travel diaries, I still do!

One time, back in the ‘80’s, high up in the Alps of Switzerland a wise old guy said to me and my traveling mates:

“You no Tourists, you Travelers!”

That statement sums up what my Chef Explorer books are all about, including true stories of life as a Chef and the crazy Hospitality Industry characters world wide, cultural observations and adventure,  food and recipes.

Above all, both my writings and my Chef-Explorer Events have an overall aim of promoting REAL food as opposed to fast or processed food, especially for children, so as to get families back around the table, not just eating healthier food but enjoying life as it should be, and maybe planning to travel to their favourite cuisines origins or even go for a walk around their own local environment.

Of course, food is the greatest cultural and language barrier breaker of all. When I talk food at a local market in Bali, or at a Taverna in Greece or to one of my International students from India or Africa, where I discuss a dish I know from their home town, a smile appears as if by magic, and any awkward communication barrier is broken! Suddenly we are friends forever, well, at least for that day anyway!

It’s a pity the World as a whole cannot learn to use these tactics to break down those cultural barriers. Maybe 21st Century Diplomats should all take a Chef-Explorer Cultural course before taking a seat at the UN?!

So come along and join (and BECOME!) A CHEF-EXPLORER and join me on a cookery course, on a tour or have a good read of  A TASTE OF THE WORLD and The Chef Explorer Book Series!

Bon Appetite & Bon Voyage!!